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Typically chocolate covered strawberries are way over priced for Valentine’s Day. Why spend double the money for only half a dozen berries?? My suggestion is don’t.

What if I told you that Instead you could watch the video below,make your own, and possibly make a little $$$$ too!? Well, you can!

The video below will walk you through how to make your own chocolate covered strawberries. These strawberries are so easy to make that I’ve made them for several other occasions or just because.

Here are the details for how your chocolate covered strawberries could win you a Kroger gift card.

To be entered into the competition just follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Collect the ingredients for your chocolate covered strawberries. (Make sure to write down the price of every ingredient or keep your receipt(s), you will need this later)

Step 2. Prepare your chocolate covered strawberries. You can follow the instructions in the video or be creative and put your own spin and touch on your strawberries, it’s up to you!

Step 3. send an Email to student.financial.advisors.sfa@gmail.com and include the following:

a. picture(s) of your chocolate covered strawberries. (presentation counts!)

b. A list of ingredients used, how much you paid for each ingredient, and a total amount spent.

c. 1-3 sentences on why your strawberries should win. You should share any money saving techniques you used to purchase ingredients, tips that make your strawberries better, etc. Be creative!

We will be accepting submissions from Wednesday. February 2 until midnight of Monday, February 16. This means that you can enter your strawberries into the competition AND enjoy them with someone special for Valentine’s Day. Each submission will be judged for 3 equally weighted criteria: The appearance/creativity of the strawberries themselves, budget efficiency (did you get the most bang for your buck?), and your write-up of why you think your strawberries should win. There will be a 1st and 2nd prize. One will receive a $25 dollar gift card to Kroger and the other a $10 gift card to Kroger. We will contact the winners via email within 24 hours of the submission deadline.


-Jenny Rosales

P.S. There are no bonus points for sharing your strawberries with the Student Financial Advisors, but if you obliged to do so you can always come visit us in suite 162 of the Mcgee Business Building.

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