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If You’re Celebrating Valentines Day….

For those who will be celebrating someone special on Valentine’s Day this is for you. I have a few tips on how to create a memorable V-day without breaking the bank. Beware this year it lands on a Saturday, so make sure to have reservations if you plan on having dinner at a restaurant. However I have different solutions to avoiding a high priced menu. This is your chance to earn some brownie points with that special someone and show them how much you really know.

Solution #1: The DELUXE

Buy their favorite bottle of wine or bubbly (if of age of course) prices vary on where you go but some liquor stores offer cash and or student discounts. Next, off to the grocery store. Buy the items you need to prepare their favorite meal. If you can’t decide on what that is I will be posting a recipe for the best marinara sauce! What’s more romantic than Italy’s most romantic food…pasta!! While you’re there pick up 1 box of strawberries and a bag of chocolate chips and this will solve dessert ; plus give you the chance to enter to our Best Budgeted Chocolate Covered Strawberries Contest.  I’ll share how to make chocolate cover strawberries in another post along with the rules to submit for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Kroger! Do you have a good movie and popcorn? If not rent one and have snacks. Another option go to the theater but buy tickets ahead of time even if the showing isn’t until 8pm (there is a theatre on campus too that is less expensive). Whether y’all stay at home or go out don’t check your phone during a movie. Sometimes all you need is to be disconnected from the world while you sit next to that special someone.

Solution #2: Outdoor Fun  

SFA has a cute pond over by the football stadium that is a home to serval ducks. An inexpensive date doesn’t mean it isn’t thoughtful or sweet. Depending on the weather take a thermos with hot coco or something that is not in a glass container. Also be sure to bring bread with you to feed the ducks. Jimmy John’s sells day old bread for 50 cents a loaf. End your valentines date with flowers that you stashed in the back seat for the final surprise.

Solution #3: Natural Beauty

SFA has one the most beautiful arboretums. You will find a variety of plants and flowers. Take a stroll through the gardens as you play soft romantic music on your phone. You could buy a bouquet of flowers and hide them somewhere in the arboretum and then when you get to that spot surprise them! Chocolate work great too!

I wish you all a very happy and special Valentine’s Day!

If you have a unique way of celebrating without breaking the bank feel free to send it in!!

-Jenny Rosales

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